Rediscovering The Kingdom

Occasionally a book is written that launches a movement that culminates in a seminal change in history. Uncle Tom’s Cabin comes to mind. I think Rediscovering The Kingdom by Myles Monroe may be such a book.

It’s not that Myles Monroe is the first to teach on the Kingdom of God, or the only minister doing it today. Jack Hayford has done it for years. What this book does is position the Gospel of the Kingdom in relief. Modern Christianity has preached The Gospel as a gospel of salvation, which is only a subset of the Gospel of the Kingdom, or has focused on some components of it like faith, healing, prosperity, gifts of the Spirit, etc. without putting these into the full context of the Kingdom. That’s principally what this book does – puts everything into that context. It unmistakably answers the fundamental questions of “who are we?” and “why are we here?”.

Amazingly, Dr. Monroe accomplishes this with what is essentially an introduction to the Kingdom of God. Bible excerpts are not sparse, but are just sufficient to support his case. A deep exploration of Jesus’ “The Kingdom of God[/heaven] is like unto…” teachings is not in this book. But what struck me as I read it is how the basic message fits in with the entirety of scripture, and even more so, why did I not perceive the Gospel of the Kingdom so clearly before. Now the fun is to revisit to Matthew, John, and the epistles, with this concept in mind.

Dr. Monroe has a gift for explaining rather involved topics in simple terms – something the engineer in me appreciates. He also helps distinguish what it means to live under a kingdom (of any kind) for persons (such as myself) for whom republican thought is ingrained. At the time of this writing, he has a television version of Rediscovering the Kingdom airing on TBN. However, I recommend getting the book even if you’ve watched the television program.

A fair warning to the reader is that the introductory sections start a bit slowly for my taste, but things pick up as chapters 1 and 2 lay out the basic theme. [Upon finishing chapter 2, I was already reeling from the implications of what I had read.] Chapters 3 through 8 elaborate, and chapter 9 is an excellent summary.

Now as to why I think Rediscovering the Kingdom not just another good book, but potentially something historic, is mostly due to timing. I don’t mean timing with respect to the state of the world, but to the current state of believers. Certainly, if you have any doubt about your purpose in life, you won’t after reading this book. But I also think the better you know the Bible, the more likely it is that the implications of refocusing on Gospel of the Kingdom will strike you profoundly. The first effect this book will have as it gains wide exposure is upon those believers best equipped to propagate that gospel, to launch them forth with new confidence and clarity of purpose. That’s how great movements start. Let’s see where we are a year from now.

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