I’ve been tagged by Norm, so we interrupt the regularly scheduled post to comply. I think this must a right of passage for bloggers.

But before I begin, I purchased two Vandoren V16 mouthpieces – a T7 (for tenor) and A7M for alto.

For the tenor, I only had an old Guy Hawkins 8 (.100″ facing) metal mpc. It was my main piece years ago, but now I have trouble with it after using hard rubber on alto and soprano. So I needed a HR for tenor. The T7 openning is about the same (.106). Also my “gee” is very square, so I needed something less raspy for a worship band, but which could still project well enough. Based on reviews from forum posts from Sax On The Web (the site for sax players), I concluded the V16 probably has what I want and matches my taste in sound.

For the alto I simply needed a quality mpc, since I have only a non-descript $10 cheapie HR, which actually is not bad. I chose the medium chamber because I intend to do background on alto [small chamber would be for soloist], since the soprano is my main “axe”. Haven’t bought anything new for a sop – gonna keep working with the Yani 5 HR.

OK, 8 things about me. Well, we’ve killed 3 already -

  1. I play soprano sax.
  2. I play alto sax.
  3. I play tenor sax.
  4. I spend money on sax accessories.
  5. In fact, whenever I get into anything, I spend money on accessories.
  6. I can’t find many of my accessories, because they’re lost among accessories for other stuff.
  7. I only have one car, because the garage is full of accessories.
  8. I have a dog, fully accesorized.

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2 Responses to “Tagged!”

  1. What kind of dog?

    Hmm… do you buy accessories for your wife too?

  2. admin says:

    A Papillon.

    I get gift cards for the wife so she can get her own. Don’t trust my taste in women’s stuff. I did buy her a mini purse once that she likes and uses. So after getting lucky once, I better not push it. Women are masters of accessorizing anyway. After all, a toy-breed dog is an accessory for women.

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