And That’s a Fact

Over “the Holidays” ;) we played the game Fact or Crap with some friends from church.

Apparently once titled Fact or Fiction, this is a basic trivia game, where players take turns asking a question and the other players guess true or false by selecting a FACT or CRAP card. A right answer gains one chip from the pool, a wrong one loses a chip to the pool. The first player to answer has two chips at stake either way. The game ends when all players but one lose all their chips or when all chips in the pool are taken. The player with the most chips wins. We actually ended our game due to time.

The questions are interesting as a source of humor, but what made the game fun was really the cast of characters we had playing it. That’s where Fact or Crap succeeds – as a social game, the purpose of which is to generate fodder for interaction. Those who expect more competitiveness in a social game are advised to look elsewhere.

We enjoyed the game immensely. My only reservation is about its replay value, which we will put to test in another session soon.


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  1. Norm says:

    Not the greatest of names.

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