I guess it doesn’t stay in Vegas…

Well Norm’s gonna send the guys from Vegas after me if I don’t start blogging again.

My favorite gaming board – Consimworld – has recently launched a social network. I’ve registered there, so I’ll post wargaming stuff on that site, although sporadically. Consimworld Expo is coming up soon (week after Memorial Day), so hopefully I’ve have material to post about.

On the music front, I’m undergoing an intense 3-month preparation for a do-or-die audition for the church worship team come August. If successful, I intend to spin amateur musicianship off into its own blog, making this a God-blog only. For God-blogging I have a couple of topics in mind.


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  1. Norm says:

    Luckily for you…you started blogging within the time frame…..My connections in Sin City will do almost anything I request but they do ask me to let a certain number of weeks before making the call.

    That number is my secret….and I’m the only one here in Scottsdale that has been given the private phone number.

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