Days Ahead

Back at last. One thing I’ve done since the last post is read (or listen to) several books, including three that built upon each other topically (by accident – I didn’t chose them for that reason), and which I will review here in upcoming days.

  • America Alone, by Mark Steyn
  • Antichrist: Islam’s Awaited Messiah, by Joel Richardson
  • Epicenter, by Joel C. Rosenberg

Given that this blog is entitled On Second Look, I can evade (quite conveniently) comprehensive summaries of the text, assuming the reader has already seen reviews such as those at, and instead focus on offering my appraisal.


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  1. Logus says:

    I have read all three books and I find that both Joel’s works compliment each other, even though the authors have different views. Steyn’s work dovetails into it too, providing even more evidence.

    I also recommend – to a degree – God’s War on Terror, by Walid Shoebat, which Richardson co-authored. It is quite full of information and an interesting take, though I must say that it’s one of the absolute worst edited books I’ve ever read, making it somewhat hard to read. When I mentioned this to Joel he groaned and agreed, leading me to believe that he didn’t have much say over the final copy. It’s primarily Shoebat’s work, not Richardson’s.

    Here are two other works I recommend along this line of thought –
    - Farewell Israel, by Joel Gilbert (see a trend here?) A documentary, it gives an overview of Islam before delving into a secular analysis of the region.
    - The Shia Revival, by Vali Nasr, a look at the coming paradigm shift in the Islamic world.

    I also recommend checking out STRATFOR and seeing what they have to say about anything in the Islamic world, especially about Turkey and Iran. Lastly, MEMRI and DEBKAfile. These three sites, in conjunction with the above works and those you’ve already read… then re-read your Bible. Your jaw will drop.

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